How do I open the DVI?

Access the Digital Vehicle Inspection Sheet

There are two buttons that you can click:

1.) The DVI button under the client’s name.

2.) The DVI button attached to the workflow step on the “swim-lane”.

From Desktop and holding a tablet in landscape/horizontal orientation
Holding a tablet in portrait/vertical orientation

Click the DVI Button under the clients name and vehicle information.

What do the different colors of the DVI Button tell me?

An Orange DVI button indicates that the Digital Vehicle Inspection was signed off by the technician.

A Blue DVI button indicates that no Digital Vehicle Inspection has been performed, or remains uncompleted.

If the DVI button is Green, this indicates a customer has viewed their Digital Vehicle inspection results.


On a desktop computer, mouse over the buttons to see a tool-tip with submission times and learn when the inspection was viewed.

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