RO Writer Integration Training

The adapter is lightweight and effectively enables rapid data integration with ROW Writer. supports the following features

Basic Data Pull

  • Transfers to  Active Customer Page – No double entry for key data.
  • Client Data:  Name and number
  • Vehicle (Service Item):  YMM, VIN, License, and Mileage
  • RO#

Status Sync

  • Each Status in ROW can be mapped to an workflow step *less than 7 days old*    (initial install determines)

DVI Push to ROW (Coming Soon)

Service Packages mapped to DVI items import to ROW (Coming Soon)

User Mapping

  • Each ticket assigned in ROW can be mapped to match users in ATMe automatically.

Concern notes

  • Service Requests in ROW will appear on the top of the DVI or WO
  • Techs will always know the main reason for the visit without requiring double entry.

Digital Work Order (Coming Soon)

  • Total parts and labor transfer on approved tickets

Auto Close

  • Paid & Closed tickets will auto close in ATMe