What actions can I perform within the “details” tab?

To understand the functions of the details tab

See the numbers below that correspond with the screenshot.

  1. Customer Status:

    Here you can set if the vehicle is “dropped off” or the client is a “waiter”

  2. Inspection Sheet:

    Here you can select the Digital Vehicle Inspection sheet you want your tech to see (if different from normal default) when they open the DVI

  3. Send Text Message:

    This allows you to dissable texting for a client.

  4. Send a followup message:

    This allows you to dissable the automatic follow up message for this individual client.

  5. Assigned to Writer:

    This allows to you assign service writers to this ticket in Autotext.me ONLY. This does not alter assignments in any integrated SMS

  6. Assigned to Technician:

    Allows you to assign a technician to this ticket. You can assign multiple techs. It will stack with other priorities automatically.

  7. Click here to turn status into appointment:

    Click, and set the day then time. Customers will receive immediate confirmation via text and automatic 24 hour reminders.

Additional items are also available in details

  • Edit phone number or Email
    • Useful if you imported the wrong phone number from the SMS
    • Add email if missed on initial import from SMS
  • Set Estimate Time to Completion, (ETC):
    • Click the date, and select a time that the vehicle is promised or expected to be completed
    • NOTE:  ETC is not communicated to the customer in any automatic texts.  This is for INTERNAL purposes.

Reasons for the visit can be added from this menu manually.

  • You can choose three types of notes for visit reasons
    • Concern – Items that the client wants addressed
    • Service – Specific service requests, such as LOF, tune up, or any other pre-scheduled service item.
    • Info – This is for information relevant to the technicians task at hand.  Useful items that may aid the service process.


  • This information will appear for the technician on the top of their DVI or WO.  (See Below)

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