How do I send and receive text messages?

Send and receive texts from your clients

  • Automatic workflow notifications are just one way to send texts.  Inbound texts will result in frequent text conversations with clients particularly inclined towards texting.
  • You will be notified of inbound  texts are in a four  ways
  1.   The notification bell on the upper right.
  2.   An orange alert on the upper left
  3.   The “+text” button will highlight orange on the corresponding client
  4.   A desktop notification on the lower right (if enabled by your browser)
  • Click any of the notifications to open the text interface.
  • The text interface is very much like a smartphone on your screen.
    • Customer replies are in green.
    • Messages sent by the shop are in blue.
    • You can attach images and even use emojis!
  • Remember, service advisors can open this dialogue box to send custom messages at any time.
    • Technicians have no access to text features. and see no conversations on their logins.

What are predefined texts?

  • You can set predefined texts for quick messages that are frequently repeated, or lengthy to type.
    • For example, your hours of operation (shown below) or directions to your facility.
    • Your predefined text options will populate with predictive text after typing a few letters.


Be professional but be yourself when texting clients. Done properly, texting makes all other interactions with the client more relaxed and comfortable.

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