How do I review history of text messages?

Viewing text message history is quick and simple

You can view history by clicking on the “search” button on the top menu of your screen.

  • The Search button is between Add Customer” and “Reports.”
  • Now enter information to filter your search from all customers that have been engaged with  The search tool is both fast and efficient.
    • Single letter search
    • Parts of names, first or last
    • Phone numbers, or parts of phone numbers
  • When you have located the record you wish to view history on, click “view profile”
    • The other option is to add this client to the active customer page.
  • You will see each visit for each vehicle organized by date and which vehicle record was engaged.
  • The column titled “Conversation” will have a “+text” button.  Click that button to see the conversation had at that visit.
  • Text history is stored by visit, and includes time stamps for inbound and outbound messages.
    • Click the orange button at the top to open a printer friendly PDF
      • You can either print or email this conversation depending on the reason for interest.


  • history records are stored in the cloud, and backed up regularly.

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