Release Notes

10/4/18 – System Improvements

– Added 360 Payments integration

9/27/18 – System Improvements

– Fixed incorrect calculation of %opened & %viewed DVIs in reporting

9/17/18 – System Improvements

– Added integration with Textbox
– Changed icon package for new & improved look

9/4/18 – System Improvements

– Changed MOTOR to use normal service tables, not severe service
– Fixed Omnique history display on new DVI

9/4/18 – System Improvements

9/1/18 – System Improvements
– Added filter by status on dashboard
– Fixed minor design flaws in Internal Chat
– Added ETC to Techflow

8/26/2018 – System Improvements

– New DVI v3 introduced
– Added techflow
– Added extra metrics to DVI reporting for technicians and service advisors
– Fixed issue where ETC time saved when it was not set
– New “Filter by status” feature added

8/10/2018 – System Improvements

– Fixed minor design issue on Work Order
– Improved internal chat speed/reliability
– Fixed issue on MOTOR lookup where mileage was not correct.

8/1/2018 – System Improvements

– Ability to generate a blank work order, for stand-alone shops.
– Ability to add an “inspection” as a job on work-order.
– Fixed issue where new dashboard could go back to old dashboard upon clicking a notification.

7/24/2018 – System Improvements

– Fixed issue where internal chat tool was making system slow down

7/16/2018 – System Improvements

– Redesigned internal support page inside system
– Migrated all accounts to new dashboard with set priority option
– Display error if Omnique insert fails (Notes over 500 characters)
– Discontinued support for Internet Explorer

7/4/2018 – System Improvements & MOTOR Integration

– Added MOTOR service details to DVI
– Fixed issue with email report being incorrect due to various timezones
– Added # of images to DVI insert to Omnique

6/23/2018 – System Improvements

– Workflow automatically refreshes without having to log out and back in
– DVI link is inserted at top of Protractor inspection
– Improved DVI insert for Protractor

6/15/2018 – System Improvements

– On Work Order regeneration from shop management system, work order reverts to incomplete
– View when DVIs were emailed in DVI reporting module
– Fixed issue where SMS package codes did not display in DVI sheet setup

5/1/2018 – New Dashboard & System Improvements

– New & improved active customers dashboard
– Performance enhancements
– Technician priority
– View status history of current active statuses
– Enhanced Protractor integration, no delay in customer transfer
– Ability for service advisors to access parts list
– Added easy export & import functionality to DVI sheets setup

4/18/2018 – System Improvements

– Fixed issue where new iPhone X video encoding would prevent customer from viewing videos
– Removed first name field requirement from new customer add page

4/7/2018 – System Improvements

– Ability for service advisors to post wall messages to the shop
– Added parts list page that shows what parts are needed for work orders and if it has arrived or not
– Added ability to collapse DVI sections on small screens

3/21/2018 – System Improvements

– Added “Previous DVIs” button to the DVI sheet to see prior inspection data.

3/20/2018 – System Improvements

– Added ability to re-generate work order from shop management system (Protractor & Omniue only)

3/15/2018 – System Improvements

– Added larger text box and private notes feature to DVI
– Fixed issue when closing customer conversation box on active customers page, the screen would remain dark

3/6/2018 – System Improvements

– Added ability to auto-tab to next input field on the DVI tire section

2/26/2018 – System Improvements

– Added ability to view what technician completed the DVI and Work Order on the final QC sheet
– Fixed issue where DVI PDF categories were out of order

2/20/2018 – System Improvements

– Added ability for unknown customers to text the shop and shop users can reply via customer page
– Speed/Performance improvements throughout

2/15/2018 – System Improvements

– DVI Setup & DVI Typeahead setup page makeovers
– Added ability to auto-add package jobs to Protractor ticket on DVI submit
– Expanded limit on tinyURLs to reduce errors when texting DVIs to customers

2/1/2018 – System Improvements

– Internal Chat released
– Added ability to generate work order from Protractor to Autoflow
– Added ability to add/display part number on Work Order
– In customer reply email, display what user sent the message vs only the shop name

1/18/2018 – System Improvements

– Added ability to transfer Protractor “Concerns” and Omnique C1 items to Autoflow Reason Vehicle is here

1/13/2018 – System Improvements

– Increased text area size for vehicle detail notes on DVI and Work Order
– Added X on DVI PDF next to items not approved by customer for visual display
– Allow Service Writer/Admin to change technician & completion time on Work Order
– Added title to Work Order sections

1/2/2018 – is now autoflow

– is dead! Autoflow is our new name.
– Added digital work order add-on

12/8/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to transfer vehicle from one customer to another
– Added ability to setup vacation auto-response for all incoming text messages

11/24/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to recall tire measurements on subsequent visits on DVI
– Added new “Reason Vehicle is Here” section at top of DVI

11/17/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to map service writers & technicians from select Shop Management Systems

11/5/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to resend DVI to customer on a future date
– Added ability to expand or collapse all DVI sections by clicking button at the top of the DVI
– Expanded “Notes” field on DVI

9/13/2017 – System Improvements

– Added CARFAX integration on Digital Vehicle Inspection sheet

 8/28/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to move an active status back to an appointment
– Improved customer profile page
– New “non-workflow” dashboard
– Added ability to enlarge a vehicle identifier image on the DVI

 8/21/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to view assigned service writer and technician on dashboard
– Improved ROI calculators on reporting pages
– Improved “Manage Users” page for administrators to modify shop personnel information

 7/10/2017 – New reporting module released

– New “Shop Master Report” with a general overview of all usage statistics
– New “Engaged Report” to see how many customers were added, How many times they were engaged and How many updates were sent
– New “Workflow Report” displaying every customer in a specific date range and where they were at what date/time
– Improved reporting and statistics on DVI & QC report
– Included calculators on reporting pages to calculate return on investment or see amount of time saved
– Updated PDF formats for print format
– Added ability to export all reports in .csv format
– Improved charts & graphs for better visual representation
– Added ability to see who “Top performers” are in your shop

6/23/2017 – System Improvements

– Doubled text character limit from 160 to 320 characters
– Improved integration with Omnique

6/21/2017 – System Improvements

– Improved “Active Customers” pdf
– Notification for DVI completion states which DVI was completed
– Accordion style shrinking of sections on DVI
– Added ding to incoming push notifications
– Improved user-interface for QC sheets

6/5/2017 – New Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) Release

– Improved performance, design & layout
– Better mobile view for phones & tablets
– New tire inspection format
– New image markup feature
– Ability to add vehicle images for identification or liability purposes
– Added “Miscellaneous” field for custom information like Oil filter ID’s
– Ability to name severities (Green, Yellow, Red)
– New “Zip-to-section” feature on the left side to quickly access different areas of the inspection sheet
– New, simplified overview layout
– Ability to complete multiple inspections for a single customer on each visit
– New “DVI Status” box to show all details about each inspection completed
– New PDF format
– Easier submit button at the top of the screen
– Improved customer-facing inspection view when texted

5/8/2017 – System Improvements

– Ability to view customers waiting/drop-off status in the customer history report
– Improved Protractor integration for appointments

5/1/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to assign service writers and technicians to customer upon checkin

4/14/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to view which customers have viewed the inspection report on prior inspections
– Added longer typeahead functionality to allow shops to add descriptive summary notes for customer education

3/21/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to attach videos to digital inspection sheet

3/9/2017 – System Improvements

– Notifications when a customer views an inspection

3/6/2017 – System Improvements

– New dashboard & workflow released
    – Streamlined & modernized workflow
    – Differentiate between Waiting/Drop-off Customers
    – Ability to associate parts vendors with workflow step

2/27/2017 – Integration Improvements

– Updated & improved integration with Omnique Shop Management software
    – Ability to automatically add a customer to from Omnique
    – Submit inspection results back into Omnique, directly from

1/30/2017 – System Improvements

– New header menu in entire system
    – Improved mobile layout and design
– Added ability for customers to send images to shop account

1/19/2017 – System Improvements

– Added 2017 vehicle models to database

12/30/2016 – System Improvements

– Converted design from Twitter Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 3
    – Improved, cleaner design
    – Small changes made throughout
    – Made changes to mobile design & proper scalability on phones

12/14/2016 – System Improvements

– Added ability to toggle option to have Quality Control Inspections automatically default to good/green

12/5/2016 – Feature Release

– Released Free Digital Quality Control add-on

12/1/2016 – System Improvements

– Added desktop push notification for inspection complete to include vehicle year, make & model

11/18/2016 – System Improvements

– Added ability to show/hide status time averages on Active Customers page

11/5/2016 – System Improvements

– Added reporting to digital inspection sheet to view what items are being recommended per technician to prevent “Pencil-whipping”

10/28/2016 – System Improvements

– Added ability to print old text conversations from customer profile

10/16/2016 – Bug Fixes & System Improvements

– Fixed issue when trying to upload large pictures to the digital inspection sheets
– Added ability to toggle desktop push notifications per user account

10/4/2016 – System Improvements

– Changes in daily reporting email for clearer reporting on usage
– Added ability to recall prior items marked “Good” on previous inspections

10/1/2016 – Major Infrastructure Improvements

– MIgrated server from private hosted to Amazon Web Services cloud
    – Improved speed & reliability
    – Added security of customer & shop information
    – Improvements in email delivery

9/6/2016 – System Improvements

– Darkened text area outlines for easier readability on certain devices/screens

9/1/2016 – Infrastructure & System Improvements

– Moved from PHP version 5.3 to 5.6
– Added ability to attach the additional inspection button to any workflow stage via the message setup page

8/5/2016 – System Improvements

– Improved speed and performance of Digital Inspection sheet

7/26/2016 – System Improvements

– Added ability to toggle option to have Digital inspections automatically default to good/green
– Added ability to clear all notifications at once
– Added customer name to popup when closing them off the dashboard

7/21/2016 – System Improvements

– Added Transmission field & Miscellaneous field on digital inspection form
– Added ability to not send a time in a scheduled appointment text by selecting 12:00 AM when scheduling
– Improved performance and shortened load times on Active Customers page

5/16/2016 – System Improvements

– Added shop name to customer-facing inspection sheet

5/6/2016 – System Improvements

– Added new tire section to digital vehicle inspection sheet

4/14/2016 – System Improvements

– Ability to view prior inspection reports for previous customer visits
– Desktop push notifications upon customer text reply and/or when an inspection is signed off
– Minor changes made to customer-facing inspection report for improved clarity & understanding

3/28/2016 – Big Fixes

– Fixed an issue with emails not getting sent to new users upon account creation

3/14/2016 – System Improvements & Bug Fixes

– Ability to have multiple digital inspection sheets for each shop
– Improved design on mobile devices
– Shop logo upload ability to customer-facing inspection sheet
– Fixed bug when modifying inspection notes, so it displays current note in popup when you click to edit

3/1/2016 – Feature Release & System Improvements

Digital Vehicle Inspection add-on released
– Extended logout time to 1 hour to reduce excessive account signout

2/13/2016 – System Improvements

– Ability to toggle on/off text updates & follow up message from the Active Customers page under the “Details” button
– New timeline view of all vehicles in shop

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.