Release Notes

5/1/2018 – New Dashboard & System Improvements

– New & improved active customers dashboard
– Performance enhancements
– Technician priority
– View status history of current active statuses
– Enhanced Protractor integration, no delay in customer transfer
– Ability for service advisors to access parts list
– Added easy export & import functionality to DVI sheets setup

4/18/2018 – System Improvements

– Fixed issue where new iPhone X video encoding would prevent customer from viewing videos
– Removed first name field requirement from new customer add page

4/7/2018 – System Improvements

– Ability for service advisors to post wall messages to the shop
– Added parts list page that shows what parts are needed for work orders and if it has arrived or not
– Added ability to collapse DVI sections on small screens

3/21/2018 – System Improvements

– Added “Previous DVIs” button to the DVI sheet to see prior inspection data.

3/20/2018 – System Improvements

– Added ability to re-generate work order from shop management system (Protractor & Omniue only)

3/15/2018 – System Improvements

– Added larger text box and private notes feature to DVI
– Fixed issue when closing customer conversation box on active customers page, the screen would remain dark

3/6/2018 – System Improvements

– Added ability to auto-tab to next input field on the DVI tire section

2/26/2018 – System Improvements

– Added ability to view what technician completed the DVI and Work Order on the final QC sheet
– Fixed issue where DVI PDF categories were out of order

2/20/2018 – System Improvements

– Added ability for unknown customers to text the shop and shop users can reply via customer page
– Speed/Performance improvements throughout

2/15/2018 – System Improvements

– DVI Setup & DVI Typeahead setup page makeovers
– Added ability to auto-add package jobs to Protractor ticket on DVI submit
– Expanded limit on tinyURLs to reduce errors when texting DVIs to customers

2/1/2018 – System Improvements

– Internal Chat released
– Added ability to generate work order from Protractor to Autoflow
– Added ability to add/display part number on Work Order
– In customer reply email, display what user sent the message vs only the shop name

1/18/2018 – System Improvements

– Added ability to transfer Protractor “Concerns” and Omnique C1 items to Autoflow Reason Vehicle is here

1/13/2018 – System Improvements

– Increased text area size for vehicle detail notes on DVI and Work Order
– Added X on DVI PDF next to items not approved by customer for visual display
– Allow Service Writer/Admin to change technician & completion time on Work Order
– Added title to Work Order sections

1/2/2018 – is now autoflow

– is dead! Autoflow is our new name.
– Added digital work order add-on

12/8/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to transfer vehicle from one customer to another
– Added ability to setup vacation auto-response for all incoming text messages

11/24/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to recall tire measurements on subsequent visits on DVI
– Added new “Reason Vehicle is Here” section at top of DVI

11/17/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to map service writers & technicians from select Shop Management Systems

11/5/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to resend DVI to customer on a future date
– Added ability to expand or collapse all DVI sections by clicking button at the top of the DVI
– Expanded “Notes” field on DVI

9/13/2017 – System Improvements

– Added CARFAX integration on Digital Vehicle Inspection sheet

 8/28/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to move an active status back to an appointment
– Improved customer profile page
– New “non-workflow” dashboard
– Added ability to enlarge a vehicle identifier image on the DVI

 8/21/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to view assigned service writer and technician on dashboard
– Improved ROI calculators on reporting pages
– Improved “Manage Users” page for administrators to modify shop personnel information

 7/10/2017 – New reporting module released

– New “Shop Master Report” with a general overview of all usage statistics
– New “Engaged Report” to see how many customers were added, How many times they were engaged and How many updates were sent
– New “Workflow Report” displaying every customer in a specific date range and where they were at what date/time
– Improved reporting and statistics on DVI & QC report
– Included calculators on reporting pages to calculate return on investment or see amount of time saved
– Updated PDF formats for print format
– Added ability to export all reports in .csv format
– Improved charts & graphs for better visual representation
– Added ability to see who “Top performers” are in your shop

6/23/2017 – System Improvements

– Doubled text character limit from 160 to 320 characters
– Improved integration with Omnique

6/21/2017 – System Improvements

– Improved “Active Customers” pdf
– Notification for DVI completion states which DVI was completed
– Accordion style shrinking of sections on DVI
– Added ding to incoming push notifications
– Improved user-interface for QC sheets

6/5/2017 – New Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) Release

– Improved performance, design & layout
– Better mobile view for phones & tablets
– New tire inspection format
– New image markup feature
– Ability to add vehicle images for identification or liability purposes
– Added “Miscellaneous” field for custom information like Oil filter ID’s
– Ability to name severities (Green, Yellow, Red)
– New “Zip-to-section” feature on the left side to quickly access different areas of the inspection sheet
– New, simplified overview layout
– Ability to complete multiple inspections for a single customer on each visit
– New “DVI Status” box to show all details about each inspection completed
– New PDF format
– Easier submit button at the top of the screen
– Improved customer-facing inspection view when texted

5/8/2017 – System Improvements

– Ability to view customers waiting/drop-off status in the customer history report
– Improved Protractor integration for appointments

5/1/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to assign service writers and technicians to customer upon checkin

4/14/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to view which customers have viewed the inspection report on prior inspections
– Added longer typeahead functionality to allow shops to add descriptive summary notes for customer education

3/21/2017 – System Improvements

– Added ability to attach videos to digital inspection sheet

3/9/2017 – System Improvements

– Notifications when a customer views an inspection

3/6/2017 – System Improvements

– New dashboard & workflow released
    – Streamlined & modernized workflow
    – Differentiate between Waiting/Drop-off Customers
    – Ability to associate parts vendors with workflow step

2/27/2017 – Integration Improvements

– Updated & improved integration with Omnique Shop Management software
    – Ability to automatically add a customer to from Omnique
    – Submit inspection results back into Omnique, directly from

1/30/2017 – System Improvements

– New header menu in entire system
    – Improved mobile layout and design
– Added ability for customers to send images to shop account

1/19/2017 – System Improvements

– Added 2017 vehicle models to database

12/30/2016 – System Improvements

– Converted design from Twitter Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 3
    – Improved, cleaner design
    – Small changes made throughout
    – Made changes to mobile design & proper scalability on phones

12/14/2016 – System Improvements

– Added ability to toggle option to have Quality Control Inspections automatically default to good/green

12/5/2016 – Feature Release

– Released Free Digital Quality Control add-on

12/1/2016 – System Improvements

– Added desktop push notification for inspection complete to include vehicle year, make & model

11/18/2016 – System Improvements

– Added ability to show/hide status time averages on Active Customers page

11/5/2016 – System Improvements

– Added reporting to digital inspection sheet to view what items are being recommended per technician to prevent “Pencil-whipping”

10/28/2016 – System Improvements

– Added ability to print old text conversations from customer profile

10/16/2016 – Bug Fixes & System Improvements

– Fixed issue when trying to upload large pictures to the digital inspection sheets
– Added ability to toggle desktop push notifications per user account

10/4/2016 – System Improvements

– Changes in daily reporting email for clearer reporting on usage
– Added ability to recall prior items marked “Good” on previous inspections

10/1/2016 – Major Infrastructure Improvements

– MIgrated server from private hosted to Amazon Web Services cloud
    – Improved speed & reliability
    – Added security of customer & shop information
    – Improvements in email delivery

9/6/2016 – System Improvements

– Darkened text area outlines for easier readability on certain devices/screens

9/1/2016 – Infrastructure & System Improvements

– Moved from PHP version 5.3 to 5.6
– Added ability to attach the additional inspection button to any workflow stage via the message setup page

8/5/2016 – System Improvements

– Improved speed and performance of Digital Inspection sheet

7/26/2016 – System Improvements

– Added ability to toggle option to have Digital inspections automatically default to good/green
– Added ability to clear all notifications at once
– Added customer name to popup when closing them off the dashboard

7/21/2016 – System Improvements

– Added Transmission field & Miscellaneous field on digital inspection form
– Added ability to not send a time in a scheduled appointment text by selecting 12:00 AM when scheduling
– Improved performance and shortened load times on Active Customers page

5/16/2016 – System Improvements

– Added shop name to customer-facing inspection sheet

5/6/2016 – System Improvements

– Added new tire section to digital vehicle inspection sheet

4/14/2016 – System Improvements

– Ability to view prior inspection reports for previous customer visits
– Desktop push notifications upon customer text reply and/or when an inspection is signed off
– Minor changes made to customer-facing inspection report for improved clarity & understanding

3/28/2016 – Big Fixes

– Fixed an issue with emails not getting sent to new users upon account creation

3/14/2016 – System Improvements & Bug Fixes

– Ability to have multiple digital inspection sheets for each shop
– Improved design on mobile devices
– Shop logo upload ability to customer-facing inspection sheet
– Fixed bug when modifying inspection notes, so it displays current note in popup when you click to edit

3/1/2016 – Feature Release & System Improvements

Digital Vehicle Inspection add-on released
– Extended logout time to 1 hour to reduce excessive account signout

2/13/2016 – System Improvements

– Ability to toggle on/off text updates & follow up message from the Active Customers page under the “Details” button
– New timeline view of all vehicles in shop