What are DVI Notes?

Efficient inspections begin with predefined notes

Initiate an effective note strategy in DVI Notes Setup

You have two formats for notes

  • Global Notes
  • Categorized Notes

Global Notes

  • These notes are useful for a “hands off” admin process.
  • You can set technician notes to self learn from the DVI Setup page
  • Learned notes populate as global notes at the end of each day
    • You may wish to disable self learning if notes begin to become cluttered.
  • These notes populate across ALL categories and ALL line items and ALL Sheets

Pro Tip:

The strategy on these pages involves restating the line item to begin your notes.
It is just one method you can employ to increase note efficacy.

Categorized Notes

  • Categorized notes are sheet and category specific
  • This means that they will not populate for other sheets.
  • Categorized notes trump all global notes.
  • No global notes will appear in that category

Video Walk-Thru – DVI Notes Setup

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