How do I add new users?

Your First Objective

Create logins and passwords for your staff

  • Click “Add New User” from the Admin menu
  • Select whether this staff member is a technician or service advisor.
    • Add names
    • Add an email address
      • This is NOT for communication with clients but is for login activation and changes.
      • Note:  You can force activate an account as an administrator, to accelerate the process  a faux email can be entered.
    • Create the password
      • Minimum of 8 characters
    • The initial password can be uniform across all users and each individual can update to their own password later.
    • Click > Create

You will now be brought automatically to the manage users screen.

Each of the four multi-color icons are buttons

  • The blue pencil icon is for editing the users information
  • The blue padlock icon is for changing a users password
  • The power button allows the administrator to activate or suspend a login (Button is red or green depending on status)
  • The red trash can, of course, allows you to delete the user.

Multiple SMS integrations include SMS User Maping

  • To map users, click the blue pencil icon
  • Add the SMS user name as it appears in your SMS.
    • Talk to your rep if you need clarification on this criteria
  • Once mapped, your techs and SA’s will be assigned automatically to match how they are assigned in your shop management software.

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