Company Setup

Company Setup contains shop info and communication preferences

Company info is the first segment of this menu.

  • Verify all the contact information is correct.
  • Ensure that the business email address is one that you want clients replying to.
    • By default, this may be set to the owners email, depending on the information provided during initial on-boarding.
    • To change or update this, simply replace the current data with a new address.
  • You can also customize the signature that will be automatically added to each outgoing text.
  • Toggles are clearly labeled in the system and should leave little doubt as to what they do.
    • Disable Follow Up:  Our system will send an automatic follow up message to all clients with a closed ticket one day later. You can disable this for all clients here, or you can disable this at an indidial level form the details tab on the Active Customer Page (the Dashboard)
    • Send Customers Text Response to Shops Email:  This is a useful record of texts, but it can clutter email if your email software isn’t set up to organize these. Disable by un-checking the box
    • Use Service Writer Sig. and Phone number:  This will enable your crew service staff to customize their own signature and include their own direct number if it differs from the main shop line.
    • Include First Name (In text greetings): includes a greeting “Hello (First-name),” on most text messages.  Uncheck this box if you prefer it to simple say, “Hello,”
    • Include Vehicle ID:  You can include basic vehicle ID in the greeting,
  • Company Timings:  Set your shop hours.  This is required before you can set your employees hours.

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