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July 2018 Adds MOTOR Integration recently increased the capabilities of its digital vehicle inspection technology through integration with MOTOR, a provider of vehicle data for nearly 115 years. The new add-on was designed to offer technicians the ability to quickly view scheduled vehicle maintenance charts directly within a digital inspection. Press Release

July 2018 Upgrades Digital Vehicle Inspection Tool Through Motor Integration

“We continue to evolve our digital vehicle inspection to be a living, breathing, real-time document,” said Chris Cloutier, founder and co-owner of multi-shop operation, Golden Rule Auto Care. “With the technicians in my shops having maintenance information right at their fingertips, they’re saving time and doing their jobs more effectively and efficiently.” Press Release

July 2018 enhances its DVI with MOTOR integration takes their digital vehicle inspection to a new level through integration with MOTOR, a provider of trusted automotive data since 1903. The new add-on feature offers technicians the ability to quickly view scheduled vehicle maintenance charts directly within the digital inspection. Press Release

June 2018

autoflow changes its name back to

autoflow announces its name is changing back to The company’s founder, Chris Cloutier, explains, “We initially changed our name because we often found it portrayed the wrong perception that all we did was texting. We wanted to ensure awareness that we offer so much more from beginning to end of the vehicle repair process including workflow management, digital vehicle inspections, digital work orders, quality control, and a program for rewarding customer loyalty. Press Release

May 2018

Innovate: The Past, Present and Future of Shop Technology

“Cloutier created his own site to go over this topic, and he walks through the timeline’s three stages, including where your shop is now, and where it can be. The further along on the timeline you are, Cloutier says, the more efficient and productive your shop can be.” Press Release

May 2018

Prepare to Change – O’Neal – Barrett – Cloutier

“Chris Cloutier is co-owner of Golden Rule Auto Care in Dallas, Texas for the last 5 years and is an expert at software development who understands what customers want in a digital sales process. He came from the software industry developing solutions for companies like Southwest Airlines, and Wyndham Intl. Chris worked for companies that understand the marriage of service and software and have applied it in an effective way.” Press Release

May 2018

autoflow Releases New Internal Chat Feature

“autoflow introduces its new internal chat feature, which provides service writers and technicians with a faster means of communication via a simple, easy-to-use interface.” Press Release

April 2018

Customers expect shops to communicate using today’s methods

“When I text my customer updates throughout the day, am I saving conversations that I would have to have with them on the phone about, ‘Hey, what’s going on with my car?’ Something that simple makes your shop more productive and more efficient because you want your guys at the front counter dealing with the customers walking through the door and selling.” Press Release

April 2018

Shop View: Honest Accurate Auto Service

“For about a year and a half, Honest Accurate Auto Service has used a texting program to update staff on the repair process and inform customers. Autoflow, a shop management software, allows the technicians to digitize inspections on their Kindle tablets and to update an online progress board. The progress board in return pings the customer’s cell phone with messages like, “Your vehicle is being inspected” or, “Your vehicle is completed.” Press Release

April 2018

Customer Communication in the Digital Age

“So roughly a year and a half ago, Uhlman signed up for a comprehensive system that included digital inspections and text messaging services in an effort to communicate with customers conveniently on their own terms. Since implementing it, his ARO has gone up $75.” Press Release

March 2018

Entrepreneurial Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur

“After opening his shop, he founded, a workflow and communication solution, specifically to give his shop a competitive advantage. As he talked to more shop owners he realized there was a need for better technology and has since worked toward helping the industry embrace and move forward with it.” Press Release

January 2018 Changes its Name to ‘autoflow’

“autoflow is a cloud-based tool delivering digital solutions for workflow, communication, vehicle inspections, work orders, quality control and customer rewards and referrals.” Press Release

January 2018

Automotive Repair Software Provider Changes Name to ‘autoflow’

“ has outgrown our name,” said Chris Cloutier, founder of autoflow and co-owner of Golden Rule Auto Care in Rowlett, Texas. “We killed it because it no longer symbolizes who we are; we are now autoflow. And now with the release of our new digital work order, shops can further automate their workflow and go paperless in their bays.” Press Release

November 2017

AAPEX Closing Keynote Discusses Industry’s Changing Landscape

“The keynote, “Grease, Code and Customers: You’re Entirely Right About All The Wrong Stuff,” featured a panel of experts that shared their insights on how to adapt to the ever-evolving technological advancements in order to best serve customers and attract talent to the automotive repair industry.” Press Release

November 2017 Launches New Loyalty Rewards Program

“Rewards and Referrals enables shops to quickly track and map referrals to customers via a visual referral tree. The program is fully customizable, giving shops the ability to create their own point structure for customer referrals and visits and define rewards. Reporting is also included on referrals, earned points, and redeemed rewards. The program also allows shops to identify their top customers.Shops are further able to determine the actual value of their customers and identify top customers.” Press Release

November 2017 Launches New Rewards, Referral Program

“Many Loyalty and rewards programs are executed backwards. Why burden customers with another card to carry or app to download? Why can’t businesses keep track of that for them?” says Chris Cloutier, founder of and co-owner of Golden Rule Auto Care.” Press Release

July 2017 Launches Quality Control 2.0

“With shops now utilizing digital vehicle inspections at check-in, a digital quality control inspection at checkout ensures a confident, closed-loop process where residual mistakes are caught and corrected. Statistics show that it costs seven times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing customer. Ideally, Quality Control implementation builds customer retention, increases add-on sales, and safeguards shop credibility.” Press Release

July 2017

Quality Controls – Why it Matters for Retention & Reputation

“QC is all about the customer. You cannot manage what you cannot measure. A good QC process brings accountability to your overall processes. Your business culture needs to be right to be sure everyone find deficiencies in your processes. Invest in your reputation against any negative online review. As Toyota does they celebrate when they find deficiencies. It is not about trusting your technicians it is about catching us humans making mistakes and that is OK. There is always time to do QC.” Press Release

July 2017 Launches Quality Control 2.0 With New Reporting And Design

“ has released its improved quality control add-on feature, which gives shops the confidence of delivering vehicles to customers in the condition they expected and paid for with no residual issues such as left-behind grease, fluids that weren’t filled up, forgotten oil change stickers and tools mistakenly left in vehicles.” Press Release

July 2017 Has Update for Digital Vehicle Inspection Software

“ integrates variety of shop management systems and focuses on streamlining and simplifying everyday processes to provide shops with greater productivity, a stronger competitive advantage, and an enhanced customer experience.” Press Release

July 2017 Releases Software Update for Digital Vehicle Inspection

“Dallas, Texas-based, a provider of shop management and digital customer service technology, has released Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) 2.0. The company says the software update provides stronger performance and stability along with a sleeker, more intuitive design, including a visual tire inspection section.” Press Release

June 2017 Releases Digital Vehicle Inspection 2.0

“The new release is 100 percent configurable to suit a shop’s individual needs and gives shops the ability to complete multiple digital inspections for a single vehicle.’s new DVI enables shops to further automate their customer communication with more mobile-friendly, streamlined reports, which are directly accessible from a browser with no app required.” Press Release

June 2017 Releases Digital Vehicle Inspection 2.0 has launched its new and improved digital visual inspection (DVI) add-on release, which provides stronger performance and stability along with a sleeker, more intuitive design, including a visual tire inspection section. The company says this new release is 100 percent configurable to suit a shop’s individual needs and gives shops the ability to complete multiple digital inspections for a single vehicle.” Press Release

June 2017 enhances software

“DVI 2.0 is customizable to suit a shop’s individual needs and gives shops the ability to complete multiple digital inspections on a single vehicle, said.” Press Release

June 2017 releases new & improved DVI

“ launches its new and improved DVI add on release, which provides stronger performance and stability along with a sleeker, more intuitive design, including a visual tire inspection section. The new release is 100% configurable to suit a shop’s individual needs and gives shops the ability to complete multiple digital inspections for a single vehicle.”

Ratchet + Wrench

April 2017 adds video

“ now allows technicians to attach video to the inspection report and send it straight to their customers. Once the report has been sent, customers can view the video straight from their phone.”


April 2017

Automotive Service Councils of California Proudly Announces New Corporate Sponsorship with

“ now allows technicians to attach video to the inspection report and send it straight to their customers. Once the report has been sent, customers can view the video straight from their phone. ”

Modern Tire Dealer

March 2017

Technology and Talent: Now Is the Time to Get Ahead of the Learning Curve

“If you don’t know where to start technology-wise, there is a great visual tool from creator and Rowlett, Texas, shop owner Chris Cloutier called the Shop Technology Timeline.”


February 2017

Understanding + Trust = Loyal Customers

“Chris met Jeremy O’Neal more than three years ago at a conference as a vendor for his own shop workflow management software he’s developed, Because he’s a big believer in continuing education, they spend quite a bit of time talking each year.”

Remarkable Results Radio

January 2017

Chris Cloutier on Shop Technology

“Chris also developed This was in response to a need he felt to position technology strategies on a mind map and create an implementation flow. As Chris says in the interview this is his first iteration of this chart and it will change as technology changes and improves, but it allows the service professional to determine where he/she is and look to the opportunities to make technology improvements to their business.”

Ratchet + Wrench

January 2017

Four Areas To Address When Digitizing Your Shop

“Digital customer service offerings like inspections, updates and service history documentation are all made relatively easy with digital resources like those from Bolt On Technology, AutoServe1, AutoVitals and”

Remarkable Results Radio

December 2016

The digital sales process with Jeremy O’Neal & Chris Cloutier

“Independent Automotive Repair Shops need to understand that right now is the time to capitalize on the golden age of our industry. Meaning, it’s too easy now for customers to neglect maintenance and repairs. By using a digital sales process, shops will be able to properly educate their customer without the customer feeling like they are being sold.” press release

December 2016 Quality Control Press Release

“The feature was created after founder and shop owner, Chris Cloutier, conducted a two-day case study at his own shop, Golden Rule Auto Care of Rowlett, Texas, and found residual issues with 80 percent of serviced vehicles after they had undergone quality control inspections.”

Ratchet + Wrench

December 2016 adds Quality Control feature

“ has announced its digital quality control inspection add-on, which will help shop personnel and customers ensure vehicle are delivered in the condition expected and with no residual issues.”

Modern Tire Dealer

October 2016’s own Darryl Fraley featured in MTD’s On the Rise.

“Young men and women are at the forefront of the industry, and they’re helping to lead the way as our business continues to evolve at the lightning-speed pace typical of the 21st century.”


August 2016 Digital Vehicle Inspection Add-on Feature

“The Digital Vehicle Inspection add-on feature is a customizable checklist that allows users to go through and take pictures and notes while performing an estimate.”

AMN After Market News

April 2016 Launches Digital Vehicle Inspection Add-On Feature

“This new feature enables shops to go paperless and further automate their communication by providing customers with mobile-friendly DVI reports, which can include pictures with descriptions.”

Vehicle Service Pros

April 2016 launches digital vehicle inspection add-on feature

“’s DVI promotes trust with customers because they’re given a better understanding as to why their vehicle is in need of repairs, which additionally facilitates sales”

Shop Owner

April 2016

Golden Rule Auto Care (Rowlett, TX) & Creation

“…, a shop workflow and communication tool. The online system works like a simple flow chart with different buttons corresponding to stages of the repair process.”

Tire Review

April 2016 adds Digital Vehicle Inspection Add-On Feature

“The new feature allows shops to go paperless and further automate their communication with mobile-friendly DVI reports, which include pictures with descriptions, that can be shared with customers.”

Vehicle Service Pros

February 2016

Tool Review: communication solution

“Keeter says one of the benefits is that the customers appreciate this form of communication. “You’re not calling and interrupting them. They’re still able to go about their own life, it’s just a quick text.”

Shop Owner

February 2016

Pickering’s Auto Service Committed To Improving Quality

“…text customers throughout their service experience to ask questions or give updates, reducing unnecessary phone calls and allowing the customer to get back to us at their convenience,”


February 2016

Six ways to use technology for customer engagement

“…now her staff uses the capabilities of vehicle text update program to send photos, text messages or emails to keep customers updated about the status of their repairs.”


January 2016

Do-It-Yourself Digital Display Board for your shop

“…At his shop, Cloutier chose to display the shop’s website, the “read only” view of (a customer communication and visual workflow program)”

Jasper Engines & Transmissions

December 2015

Jasper Engines/Transmissions &

“…As Angela C., customer of Golden Rule Auto Care, shares, ‘I love because it actually allows me to stay informed and plan my day better when I have my car in the shop'”

Tire Review

October 2015

The art of purchasing – Software Solutions

“…help with customer management is by keeping customers informed of repair progress through text messaging. ‘If you keep that customer updated, that will prevent unnecessary phone calls to your shop.”


October 2015

Case Studies – Following the Golden Rule

“Cloutier used his software engineering background to build a visual workflow and texting tool that has automated his shop’s communication by allowing them to keep customers informed with text updates.”

Vehicle Service Pros

October 2015 automates communication and saves time

“ automates communication and saves time for everyone, from service writers whose time can be utilized more efficiently, to customers who are kept informed and can better plan their day.”

Vehicle Service Pros

July 2015

CBA upgrades its customer experience with

“…recently being named as the top automotive franchise in Franchise Business Review, is proud to obtain its endorsement and become a contributor to its success.”


June 2015

Christian Brothers Automotive implements

“Christian Brothers Automotive is implementing, a vehicle updates text messaging tool for the repair industry, into participating Christian Brothers Automotive locations.”

Repair Pal - Modern Shop Owner

May 2015

Interview with Repair Pal’s “Modern Shop Owner”

“ is a great help for auto shop owners to interact in a timely manner in a form of communication that is comfortable and natural with today’s consumer.”

Christian Brothers Automotive

May 2015

Christian Brothers Automotive &

“ will serve to promote a more connected customer experience and improve all-around communication and productivity.”