Omnique and

Immediately and seamlessly extend the functions of your Omnique shop management software with’s Workflow, Communications, Digital Vehicle Inspection, Work Order, Quality Control and Rewards & Referrals.

Integration between Omnique and enables single sign-in and automatically adds customers to and synchronizes all statuses.

Workflow and Communications

Use’s advanced workflow management and communications capabilities to manage your vehicle inventory like never before.

  • Keep customers instantly informed via text or email as their vehicles progress through your shop.
  • 100% configurable workflow to your existing shop workflow.
  • Communicate with your customers via two-way text conversations.
  • Send images and PDF files as needed.

Appointment Sync

Booked appointments in Omnique are automatically added to the system. The customer will receive a confirmation text, and, most importantly, a reminder text the day before the appointment.

Digital Vehicle Inspection

In the bays, your technicians can run vehicle inspections with’s Digital Vehicle Inspection software.

  • Run multiple inspections per vehicle such as a damage walk-around, multipoint inspection, and even job specific sheets.
  • Create as many inspection sheets as you need.
  • Include videos, pictures, and notes when desired.
  • Boost your ARO (Average Repair Order) with sending results via email or text to the customer’s phone to inform and educate about needed repairs.
  • Results can be submitted back to Omnique as technician recommendations.

Vehicle History

View history from Omnique in your Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI).

  • Assist your technicians by showing a customer’s vehicle history in the DVI.
  • Map vehicle history to actual items in the DVI.

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