Instant Digital Vehicle Inspection

Intuitive and Easy to Use

speed up the claims process through virtual inspections!

Getting the essential information needed to adjudicate a warranty claim can be a very time consuming and costly proposition for all parties involved. iDVI can get the information you need to adjudicate a claim in real-time and at a fraction of the cost.

Get the pictures, videos, and notes you need in minutes – not days – by sending shops a link to’s web-based Instant Digital Vehicle Inspection (iDVI).

  • Speed up the claims approval process, eliminate cost, and most importantly, satisfy the customer.
  • Reduce fraud and improve loss ratios.
  • Easily create, send, and track the progress of your inspections.
  • Easy for repair technicians and service writers to access and use.
  • Web-based application – no download required.
Instant Digital Vehicle Inspection (iDVI)

How It Works

Easier than you think!

Step 01: Send

Send shops a secure link via email or text that will lead them to an easy-to-use in-browser inspection template that has already been customized to your needs.

Step 1: Send shops a secure link.

Step 02: Monitor

Monitor the progress of the inspection with real-time updates to the iDVI Dashboard and Workflow while the shop fills out the provided sections on the DVI with pictures, videos, and notes.

iDVI Step 2

Step 03: Verify

Receive the completed inspection with ability to quickly and easily request more information or changes using the same link as before.

Step 3: Receive the completed inspection.

Save time, money and build
customer loyalty!

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iDVI Claims Adjuster - Third Party Administrators
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