Workflow and Communication

Workflow and Communication form the foundation of the system.

Workflow and Communication work closely together, minimizing the effort required to manage your vehicle inventory as vehicles flow through your shop, while keeping customers informed throughout the repair process, from check-in to ready, and all the steps in between.

You are in complete control of how you set up your workflow. You can map out your entire shop workflow, or keep just the basics. It’s up to you.

For each step of your workflow, you can choose whether you want automatic text or email messages to be sent to your customers, or just keep the information internal to the shop. You may also set three different types of timers to better track and identify backups and workflow delays.  

Your entire shop’s staff can login to the system. There are two types of IDs: Service Writers and Technicians. Service Writers have full control of the workflow and can text directly with your customers. Technicians can be limited to interacting with exactly the steps you wan, depending upon your processes, and they can never interact directly with customers via two-way text messaging.


  • 100% configurable – You define the workflow
  • Quickly add customers manually or automatically via SMS integration
  • Set 3 different types of timers for each step
  • Receive visual notifications and alerts built into the tool
  • Configurable alerts by ID – Inbound communication, completed DVI, WO and QC
  • Configurable audible alerts by ID
  • Assign and view Service Writer and Tech IDs
  • Assign an estimated time of completion
  • Schedule appointments and reminders
  • Includes detailed reporting on workflow and engagement


  • Send automatic texts or emails as vehicles progress through your workflow
  • Instant two-way texting to customer on demand
  • Send and receive pictures
  • Send PDF documents via text
  • Receive alerts for inbound text communication
  • Single tap or click to send of completed DVI or QC report
  • Text conversations are archived in customer record

Technician Priority

  • Simple drag & drop interface to assign prioritized work to technicians
  • Quick links to Digital Vehicle Inspection, Work Order, & Quality Control
  • Visual, color coordinated display for easy viewing
  • All users immediately updated with correct priority
  • Automatic priority set based on time checked in
Technician Priority

Return on Investment

The amount of phone time saved is calculated by multiplying the number of texts to be sent by the average time spent per phone call. Next, multiply your saved phone time by your service writer’s hourly wage to return the amount of money saved.

“If you were to replace 1,500 phone calls that averaged three minutes per call with two-way text messaging, and your service writer makes $20 per hour, you would save $1,500 of his time. Check out our calculator below, and create your own combination to realize your ROI.”


In-depth end to end reporting giving you unparalleled visibility into the inner workings of your automotive repair shop. See who’s engaging with the system, what they are recommending, track all aspects of your system and gain valuable insight into your ARO.

At a glance see your Return On Investment and know what areas to target for process improvement.

  • Total Customers Engaged
  • Customers Engaged via Texts
  • Total Texts Sent and Received
  • Total Followup Texts Sent
  • Total Scheduled Appointment Texts
Workflow and Communications Reporting

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