Quality Control (QC)

Gain accountability and assurance that all work has been performed and that the vehicle is ready to be picked up by the customer and all work has been performed.

Deliver vehicles to customers in the condition they expected and paid for with no residual issues such as left behind grease or loose belts, hoses, and caps.

Quality Control implementation results in customer retention, add-on sales, shop credibility, and a positive reputation.

Quality Control

  • 100% configurable checklist
  • Vehicle pictures carried over from DVI
  • Pre-load notes if desired
  • Pass or Fail sheet items
  • Multiple pictures per item checked
  • 60 second after repair video if desired
  • Email or Text to customer if desired
  • Print to PDF
  • Archival of completed sheet in customer record

Golden Rule Auto Care

Quality Control Case Study

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Return on Investment

Potential money lost is calculated by multiplying the number of vehicles with issues times the annual customer value, then multiplying that times your annual churn rate of customers.


In-depth end to end reporting giving you unparalleled visibility into the inner workings of your automotive repair shop. See who’s engaging with the system, what they are recommending, track all aspects of your autotext.me system and gain valuable insight into your ARO.

At a glance see your Return On Investment and know what areas to target for process improvement.

  • Total Quality Control sheets Completed
  • Total issues caught
  • Number of Quality Control sheets with issues
  • Quickly access completed QC’s for review

No setup fees.

Simple month-to-month billing.

No long-term commitments or contracts.

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The two work closely together minimizing the effort required to manage your vehicle inventory as vehicles flow thru the shop and keeping customers informed through the repair process. From check-in to ready and any other steps in between.


Engage, inform, and educate your customers.
Grow your ARO with autotext.me’s digital vehicle inspections. Text or email report to customer.


Find out who are your best customers, and give them credit and recognition with a simple no hassle, easy to setup and use rewards program.