Integration integration with your Shop Management System (SMS)



What is Integration?

Integration is the ability for two different pieces of software to communicate with each other. While can run stand-alone without any issues, we currently have 3 different levels of integration with some shop management systems. Level 1 & level 2 integration can transfer customer and vehicle data to, reducing or eliminating dual entry on the service writer’s end. Our level 3 integration allows technicians to push DVI results back into the shop management system.

Level 1

Level 1 integration is simply a one-way pull of information out of the management system to reduce dual entry of customer and vehicle information. When a ticket is created in the management system, our adapter pulls information out of the SMS and inserts it into your database. Upon adding a customer by phone number in, all customer and vehicle information is pre-populated.

Estimate/RO Created in SMS adapter Adapter Uploads Information to Database quick-add

Customer and Vehicle Info Populated on Lookup in

Level 1 integrated management systems

  • RO Writer
  • MaxxTraxx
  • YES Management
  • Winworks
  • Mitchell1
  • Shop Key
  • CIS4000

Level 2

Includes level 1

Level 2 integration allows your shop management and to sync first statuses. When you select “Check-in” in your management system, the integration will automatically add that customer to your dashboard. This eliminates dual entry from inputting a customer into

Estimate/RO Created in SMS with Status “Check-in”

Status Sync

First Status Sync From SMS to Dashboard

Customer Automatically Added to Dashboard

Level 2 integrated management systems

  • Tireshop by Freedomsoft
  • Summit CRS

Level 3

Includes levels 1 & 2

Level 3 integration allows users to automatically add a customer to the dashboard from the SMS as well as push DVI results back into the shop management system after an inspection has been completed, eliminating all dual entry from service writers.

Completed DVI

Completed DVI

DVI Submit

DVI Results Submitted to SMS

Recommendations Populated in SMS

Level 3 integrated management systems

  • Omnique
  • Protractor

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