Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI)

Build trust and transparency with your customers by providing digital vehicle inspections that can include attached images and video to better illustrate your repair recommendations. Eliminate the grease and guesswork of handwritten inspections.

“32% of shops use an electronic inspection sheet, and those shops tend to have a higher work volume and ARO.
85% of shops using electronic inspection sheets have an ARO in the $200-$599 range, compared to 73% of shops that don’t.”

Work Flow

Integrates seamlessly with the workflow. One click of a button takes you to the inspection sheet.

Attach Pictures & Video

Send the report to your customers through with still images or videos attached to better illustrate your repair recommendations.

100% Configurable

Just like, you can use the pre-loaded template or create your own to suit your shop’s needs.

No Save Button

As soon as a change is made on the report, the inspection will automatically save. Never worry about losing data.

Multiple Sheets

Have multiple sheets for your shop, including courtesy, pre-purchase, and oil change inspection sheets.


Save time. Our report will remember prior recommendations per customer and repopulate them on their next visit.

Digital Sign-Off

Never stress again about who signed off on a report and when it was completed. Our inspection reports do that for you at the click of a button.


A digital courtesy inspection sheet eliminates handwriting, promotes accuracy and is easy-to-read.

Customer Education and Engagement

Engage, inform, and educate your customers with’s courtesy digital vehicle inspections.

iPhone 6 Plus

Once completed vehicle inspections can be:

– Emailed directly to your customer’s Inbox.

– Sent as a text message to your customer’s phone.

– Printed on paper if the customer is waiting in your lobby.


At the click of a button, the customer receives a text with a custom link to their vehicle inspection report.

Mobile Friendly

The inspection report can be pulled up on any smart phone with a web browser. It also includes easy-to-click buttons and large text for easy viewing.


Brand it with your name by adding your shop’s logo to the “Shop Info” page on the micro-site.

No App Required

Since the inspection sheet is viewed in a web browser, your customer doesn’t need to download another app on their phone or remember a login. Just click the link.’s inspection sheet is much easier than trying to decipher my technicians’ hand writing. I save so much time NOT having the additional conversation of asking my technician, “What does that say?”

Colin Watson

Service Manager, Golden Rule Auto Care

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