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Industry surveys have found that 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt. enables your shop to communicate instantly with customers on a platform they’re already on. With the click of a mouse or tap of a button, your client will be updated during all phases of the vehicle repair process, from check-in to ready, and every step of the workflow in-between. Engage in two-way text conversations, with the ability to attach and send pictures.

Why should you adopt our technology?

Increase productivity and profit
Improve processes and efficiency
Provide a more valuable customer experience
Build and strengthen your competitive advantage

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Quality Controls

Build trust and transparency with your customers by providing digital vehicle inspections that can include attached images and video to better illustrate your repair recommendations.  Eliminate the grease and guesswork of handwritten inspections.

Return on Investment:

Digital Vehicle Inspection: Using a digital vehicle inspection with a proper sales process can increase your Average Repair Order by as high as 40%.

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Update both your workflow and customers with simple point and click. Easily identify bottleneck situations and workflow delays. Remotely manage your vehicle inventory.

Proactively communicate and engage your customers throughout the stages of the vehicle repair process, which results in reduced wasted rack time and increased shop productivity.

Return on Investment:

Workflow: One lost vehicle = one lost customer = yearly avg loss of $817 x 5 years = $4,085

Communication: Reducing 20 inbound phone calls for status updates per day recaptures one hour of time. If you charge $100 an hour for your shop’s time, that is $100 gained.

51 Seconds: the power and ease-of-use of

Gain the confidence of delivering vehicles to customers in the condition they expected and paid for with no residual issues such as left behind grease or loose belts, hoses, and caps.  Quality Control implementation results in customer retention, add-on sales, shop credibility, and a positive reputation.

Return on Investment:

Quality Control: Using a Quality Control form ensures mistakes are caught by you vs. your customers and ensures they leave your shop with a positive customer experience. It costs 7x more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing customer.

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What our clients are saying about us.

"Our customers love the fact that we can keep them in the loop constantly while we service their cars. They also love the digital inspection reports with pictures, and lastly the love the appointment reminders as well as the thank you for your business follow ups."

Kevin A.

Allman’s Automotive – Groveland, MA

"With your auto texting software, we can now communicate with our customers very promptly and professionally. And, it literally takes about 15 seconds to do so. At our store, this system has almost replaced an employee; so, needless to say, we can get more work done and operate in a more professional manner."


Tires First – Columbus, GA

"We were able to run our best 4 weeks ever while being short a staff member in the front office and still communicate well with our customers. has helped eliminate 4-5 minute customer update calls with the click of a button."

Tommy Keeter

Christian Brothers Automotive – South Tulsa

“Customers have reacted positively to text updates. Work flow monitoring has improved.”

Alan Hatcher

A-D Tire and Chassis – Terrell, TX

"We explain the system to customers at check-in and they are always very impressed. It sends the message that we’re a leader when it comes to innovating and customers automatically assume that’s the same throughout our business. is one of the best tools we have at our disposal."

Jeffrey Klima

Eagle Transmission – Houston, TX

“We've implemented the system at one of the stores. Customers are loving it! Every customer comments on it. Many have said that they like the fact that in just a second they can know the status of their car.”

Brian Klaubert

Christian Brothers Automotive – Hamilton Mill

"The response from our customers about has been AWESOME! Everyone has been super positive! Not only that, but Customer Ready notification to actual pick up time has decreased! is definitely setting us apart from other shops! So Stoked."

Roofus “the wrench” Adams

Out Spokin’ Bicycles – Canton, GA

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